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Quick Response

We have the means to send the nearest locksmith at your location, and our rekey locksmith experts can provide you with a duplicate key within minutes.

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No job is too big or too difficult for us as we have professional locksmiths to handle your locking issues with ease.

Quality Guarantee

We have provided ASAP locksmith services to several satisfied clients with a quality that has established us as a reliable locksmith company in Jacksonville.

Multiple Area of Expertise

We have expertise in areas like automotive, safe, residential, commercial, or security locksmith services, and our professional locksmiths are here to handle your problems.

About Us

Jax Locksmith Solutions is a full-service mobile locksmith company based in Jacksonville, Florida. We are available 24 hours a day.

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Business Lockout Service

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Residential Locksmith Jacksonville

Door Lock Repair Service

Lock Installation

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Most people do not search for a local locksmith until an emergency comes up, meaning getting locked out of their home or vehicle. At this point, there is not much room to ask questions, but it’s necessary to get a sense of comfort that you’ve got a competent, reliable – and honest – locksmith. After all, they can easily access homes or vehicles, so they better be honest. There is some confusion regarding how they work, and on their availability. So let’s clear up the confusion.

Just like some other businesses, locksmiths vary with respect to work hours. A reputed locksmith company has several staff members usually operating in shifts on a 24-hour basis, and can respond to customers right when they need them. After all, emergencies do not happen to be on a schedule. Some services are only available during business hours, but professional locksmiths are always available.

Locksmiths are trained professionals, and most have expertise in unlocking home doors while some are expert in vehicle locks. Some of them are experts in both, as they gain training and experience in the field. A reputed company that has professionals on hand can provide locksmiths for both homes and vehicles.

A reputable locksmith company can provide you with high-security lock as a replacement for a standard lock. Standard locks can be easily picked in a number of ways, so it pays to be careful and choose locks that are difficult to defeat. High-security locks resist picking, drilling or bumping. These threats are very much real, which ordinary people fail to realize. Anyone can buy a master key online that can easily bump lock pins.

In general, there is more risk associated with hiring the services of an individual locksmith than a reputed locksmith company. A company has to take care of customers and satisfy them to turn them into repeat customers – and also to remain in business. They have much to lose if the customer doesn’t trust them, or loses confidence in them. Individual locksmiths can defraud people by using their information and can take advantage without accompanying blowback. 

A licensed, reputable locksmith will be transparent with anyone they work with. A reputed locksmith company will provide an invoice, following giving their service. Such an invoice consists of fees, replacement costs, and includes the name and address of the business. Both have reviews and recommendations by previous customers, due to their experience that tells a potential customer a good deal about them. They are licensed to offer their services, to practice their services.